Bina Logistics Office

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we’re proud to support industry and trade in the global exchange of goods.

Benefit from our services

  • Ship smart with LCL and get your goods moving quickly. No need for you to wait for a full-container load.
  • Our LCL hubs provide impeccable connectivity and the fastest turnaround, so your shipments get moving immediately.
  • LCL costs are calculated on actual cargo dimensions.
  • As you only pay for what you ship, the typical fixed costs of a full container load (FCL) adjust to your variable shipments. There is no risk of low container utilization.
  • Worldwide network across major global hubs on all continents .
  • Capacities on a wide variety of routes including defined scheduling and lead time transparency.
  • Partnership with first class carriers as well as an own controlled carrier network.
  • Online tracking combined with visibility solutions, for example with AirTrack.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • High quality standards.
  • Space and equipment availability during peak seasons.
  • Outstanding schedule reliability.
  • Sustainable solutions.
  • Weekly sailing flexibility.
  • Sustainable "Eco" solutions.
  • Customized shipping solutions.
  • Navigation of equipment and space shortages.
  • Short and long-term agreements with established ocean carriers.
  • Schedule flexibility with minimized delays.
  • Competitive rates.